The «Agency Consultant Tax Inform» is a group of companies which offers a wide range of services in the following spheres: solution of financial and economic problems, problems with the Accounting Taxation and Civil law, legal protection and support, financial intermediation, consultation concerning commercial and non-commercial activity and business operations.

The company was founded in 2003 and long time it effectively provides services to any individuals and legal persons on the territory of Tver, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Tver and Moscow regions, to representations of European companies. For these time our company was suссessfull to accumulate the huge experience of successful work and acquired the strong reputation in these field.

The company is notable for the complex approach to solve the tasks, by the high professionalism of specialists, by the precaution of employees and the efficiency of the question-solving that allows to reach positive results even in the most difficult situations practically in 100 % of cases.

The main activity’s areas of the company «Agency Consultant Tax Inform» are:

1. The oral and written consultation about the accouting, the taxation, the civiland tax ligilation;

2. Rendering of services in management accounting and tax account of an organization or a sole trader;

3. Revision of financial and economic activities for account and tax errors diagnostics and recovery;

4. Registration and elimination of any legal entities and sole traders, tax registration of legal entities and sole traders, branches of companies, registration of real-estate and real-property;

5. Provision of legal services in Tax law, including trial and pre-trial settlement of tax disputes;

6. Provision the lawyer’s services in the sphere of the tax and economic;

7. Carrying a judicial accounting and judicial economic expertise in criminal, civil and arbitration processes.

According to the customer’s wish the services are provided by a lump or on a permanent basis under a service contract.